Darren Aronofsky’s mother! is intriguing just for the very fact that we know next to nothing about it, besides who’s starring and a few quick glimpses of some trailer action. But the new poster for the movie (the latest in a slew of one-sheets, each more fascinating than the last) is our biggest clue yet as to what this movie will be about, and what other classic horror movie it was influenced by.

Here’s the poster that was released today. It looks cool! Vibrant colors, a creepy-looking house, Jennifer Lawrence’s face.


But the resemblance to another poster is so uncanny it’s unmistakable. Take a look at the one-sheet for John Cassavetes’ Rosemary’s Baby.


That’s definitely an homage. But what does it mean? There have been quite a few clues, including the title, that mother! is going to feature some kind of pregnancy, or baby, or pregnancy gone wrong. In the trailers, Javier Bardem keeps repeating that he wants to start a family. So, will it be a demonic Antichrist child, just like in Rosemary’s Baby? Or is this poster just the first of many that will indicate Aronofsky’s other filmic influences? Or is it a red herring, meant to lead us away from the scent?

My money’s on it being a clue. Aronofsky’s having way too much fun drumming up excitement for this movie for it not to be. Either way, we’ll know for sure when mother! hits theaters September 15.