Another summer weekend, another battle for the top spot. This time it's the low-budget horror flick 'The Purge' against the Vince Vaughn-Owen Wilson comedy 'The Internship.' So which film will be getting your dough?

In all truthfulness, this weekend is something of an anomaly - neither new release packs a huge budget, a high concept or elaborate visual effects. In fact, 'The Purge' cost less than $5 million to make, while 'The Internship' allegedly cost a "reasonable" (in this day and age) $58 million. That said, May provided a ton of CG-heavy action films, so audiences may seek out one or both of these new releases in the name of variety. (It also helps that there isn't anything quite like either in the marketplace right now.)

So which film do you plan on checking out? Vote in our poll and talk about your choice in the comment section!