If you enjoyed our last poster Photoshop series - Movie Posters With Tiny Faces - you may enjoy this poster Photoshop series, Movie Poster Face Swap. It is pretty much exactly what you expect it to be.

We went back and took a bunch of romance movie posters - you know the kind; with the two attractive leads mugging for the camera - and used the magic of Photoshop to swap the faces of the stars. So now you can see what Robert Pattinson would look like as a woman and what John Krasinski would look like with Robin Williams' face (both horrifying and hilarious). We're gonna go on the record now as saying Vince Vaughn makes the ugliest woman ever.

Take a look at the face-swapped movie posters below and if you have any suggestions for movie posters you'd like to see face-swapped in future segments, let us know in the comments.