'Dracula Untold' is looking to do to the world's most famous vampire what 'Batman Begins' did for The Dark Knight. This doesn't just look like a simple origin story, which could be a good thing! Or it could be a bad thing! What we do know is that Luke Evans is inspired casting as Dracula himself and that a new series of fresh videos arrived to let you start pre-judging this film as you see fit.

Although the TV spot above doesn't show us too much that we haven't already seen in the other trailers, the new clip (shown below) showcases an interesting angle from which to approach the character's mythos. In the scene, Evans' Vlad Tepes (soon to become known to the world as Dracula) has an intense conversation with a very creepy figure played by the great Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister on 'Game of Thrones'). Evans realizes that men no longer fear each other, but fear only monsters. To protect his home, that requires ... well, you get the rest.

Dracula has been reimagined as a noble, tragic antihero multiple times over the years, so we're completely cool with a vampiric noble who curses himself with only noble intentions. Since this is supposed to be the start of a franchise, we'll probably get to see whether or not he tries to stick to his plan or just goes all-out evil in his future adventures (assuming this film does well at the box office, of course).

Oh, and here's a new poster highlighting the film's IMAX release. Yep, they decided to go all in on stealing 'Batman Begins' iconography by making their star a literal bat-man.


'Dracula Untold' will attempt to change your mind about Dracula on October 10.