It's Thanksgiving, which means it's time to sit around and stuff your face and talk about what you're thankful for -- that might be your friends, your job, or your health. For us, it's all of that, sure, but it's also movies and TV, obviously. And there were a lot of amazing things happening in 2013 that we're pretty happy about. Join us as we give thanks to the best people and moments in movies and television that made us thankful for screens both big and small. 

  • Jennifer Lawrence

    We are eternally thankful for Jennifer Lawrence, our imaginary BFF and a total inspiration. She's endlessly quotable, GIF-able, and adorably relatable. Whether she's being a goofball on the red carpet or giving serious, award-worthy performances, we're just grateful that she exists. Also, she is not afraid to get real in interviews.

  • 'Spring Breakers'


  • Marvel's Netflix Deal -- Okay, Marvel in General

    It's just not enough for Marvel to make awesome movies -- now they're going to make a bunch of awesome shows for Netflix Instant subscribers. First up: 'Jessica Jones,' written by former 'Dexter' scribe Melissa Rosenberg, and 'Daredevil,' to be scripted by 'The Cabin in the Woods' writer and Joss Whedon pal Drew Goddard. Marvel is giving a female superhero her own show, has prominently featured female heroes in their films, is fixing Daredevil, is putting a talking raccoon in one of their movies ('Guardians of the Galaxy'), made a movie that united all of their major heroes and is making a sequel to that movie -- and DC can barely figure out how to make a Justice League movie or give a woman something to do in just one of their movies. Not to mention, we also got 'Iron Man 3' and 'Thor: The Dark World' this year. Oh man, we are so thankful for Marvel this Thanksgiving.

  • The End of 'Breaking Bad'

    'Breaking Bad' will go down in history, like 'The Wire,' 'The Sopranos,' and 'The Shield,' (and, inevitably, 'Mad Men) as one of the greatest televised dramas of all time. And like those shows, we were so invested in the characters and their journey to the final episode -- what would happen to Walter White, the man who went from cancer-stricken high school chemistry teacher to a meth-manufacturing drug lord and murderous psychopath? We all had ideas and speculated for months, but nothing prepared us for the conclusion. What creator Vince Gilligan gave us was beyond expectation; it was perfect.

  • That Car Scene in 'The Counselor'

    Okay, it's not going to win any awards or anything, and we're not saying it's sexy -- at all. It's just that the car scene in 'The Counselor' might be one of the most insane moments of 2013. Cameron Diaz's bizarre seduction technique as a character who is best described as White Rihanna, set against Javier Bardem's distressed monologue as he explains the scenario to a baffled Michael Fassbender is absolutely glorious. It is an experience.

  • Matthew McConaughey

    McConaughey continues his awesome career resurgence this year with several more fantastic roles: there's the AIDS-stricken, renegade cowboy Ron Woodroof in 'Dallas Buyers Club,' the near-mythic backwoods outlaw in 'Mud,' and his upcoming part in Martin Scorsese's 'Wolf of Wall Street.' His talent is mind-blowing, and we've pretty much forgotten that he starred in a couple of bad rom-coms with Kate Hudson.

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  • 'Hannibal'

    'Hannibal' was probably the best show you didn't watch this year. Bryan Fuller's take on the iconic psychiatrist-cannibal-serial killer is one of the most cinematic and visually lush works of episodic television, and the fact that it exists on network TV is just nuts. Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy are giving stellar performances on a weekly basis and deserve way more attention, so we're really happy it's been renewed for a second season. Here's hoping more people discover and love it so we can continue to enjoy it for more many years to come.

  • 'Stoker'

    Park Chan-wook's English language debut may have been easily forgotten since its release in March, but we haven't let it slip our minds one bit. The South Korean director's unsettling coming of age tale is gorgeous, and we're thankful to see Park getting some more exposure in the States. Here's to seeing more of one of our favorite Asian imports, and more of creepy Matthew Goode.

  • Biaggio's Dance Moves

    Listen, the kid from 'The Kings of Summer' has the greatest dance moves of all time.

  • 'Upstream Color'

    Director Shane Carruth made his debut with the 2004 sci-fi indie film 'Primer,' about two friends who accidentally discover time travel. In 2013, nine years later, Carruth finally returned with his follow-up, 'Upstream Color,' a film about two people drawn together by the life cycle of a parasitic organism. It's not an understatement to say that it's one of the best films of the year, and a triumphant return for Carruth, who funded the film on his own outside of the studio system. In addition to writing the script and co-starring in the film, he also did his own editing and composed the music.

    We're thankful for his return to filmmaking, and here's hoping that it doesn't take him nine years to make another film -- but if it does, 'Upstream Color' proves it's worth the wait.

  • 'The Wolf of Wall Street' Trailer

    This is the trailer of the year, no contest. Martin Scorsese. Leonardo DiCaprio. Kanye West. It is a party and you want to be invited.

  • "The Red Wedding"

    If you've been keeping up with 'Game of Thrones,' you know all about "The Red Wedding" that took place in season 3. And if you read the books, well, you already knew it was coming. And if you still haven't caught up with season 3, why are you even on the internet right now?

    "The Red Wedding" was a gloriously shocking moment, and the reactions were priceless. Just wait until season 4's "Purple Wedding." Those of you who haven't read the books have no idea what you're about to experience.

  • 'Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues'

    This is a movie we actually get to see this year!

  • 'This is the End'

    It's hard to pick just one moment from 'This is the End' because the whole film is so damn hilarious. Though the trailers seemed to indicate it might be a bit on the self-indulgent side, it was surprisingly consistent and pretty great. Picking an MVP is difficult, but we'd have to say it's a tie between Danny McBride and Craig Robinson.

  • Michael Shannon's Zod

    While we can debate whether or not 'Man of Steel' was really all that good, here's what we know for sure: Michael Shannon was a pretty great General Zod. That guy gives amazing psycho-face.