You’d probably have trouble explaining Mr. Robot to a friend without at least one use of the word “weird,” and last night’s Season 2 midpoint “eps2.4_m4ster-s1ave.aes” may have upped that quotient considerably. As if a sitcom dream sequence featuring ALF and a Full House-type theme song weren’t enough, Mr. Robot actually had their respective creators perform the bits.

For those who missed out on last night’s part-surreal, part-caper hour, the first twenty minutes or so saw Elliott locked away in a “safe space” by his Robot-ic other half, taking the form of a cheesy TGIF-style sitcom. Oddly enough, the fantasy even found space for ALF, confirmed by Entertainment Weekly to have been voiced by original puppeteer and voice actor, Paul Fusco.

The same proves true for that peppy Full House-style theme song, as Vulture explains that Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail actually hired Bennett Salvay and Jesse Frederick, the writers and performers on the original Full House theme. The duo were also responsible for a number of other TGIF sitcom theme songs, including Family Matters, Perfect Strangers and Step by Step.

Of course, Season 2 had only so much time to spend in such an elaborate fantasy homage, eventually migrating back toward a menacing Ray (Craig Robinson) in Elliott’s hospital room, but was the bizarre sequence worth the effort? What other surprises might the back half of Season 2 have in store?

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