Robin Williams in drag equals comedy gold. That could've been the elevator pitch for 'Mrs. Doubtfire,' in which Williams' character dresses up like a matronly British nanny so he can see his kids, whom he had lost in a custody battle.

The formula obviously worked because 'Mrs. Doubtfire' earned more money in 1993 than any movie not named 'Jurassic Park.'

See what the cast of 'Mrs. Doubtfire' is up to these days below.

Robin Williams, Daniel Hillard/Mrs. Doubtfire

Robin Williams
20th Century Fox/Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Then: This time channeling his manic energy in women's clothing, Robin Williams played the title character in 'Mrs. Doubtfire.' Williams had cut his teeth in TV, starring on 'Mork and Mindy,' before moving on to such movies as 'Dead Poets Society' and 'Good Morning Vietnam.' In 1997, he won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for 'Good Will Hunting.'

Now: Robin Williams died tragically at the age of 63 as the result of an apparent suicide. He is survived by his wife and three children.

Sally Field, Miranda Hillard

Sally Field
20th Century Fox/Ian Gavan, Getty Images

Then: Sally Field played Daniel's estranged wife Miranda. The two-time Academy Award winner ('Norma Rae,' 'Places in the Heart') had been a star since the '60s when she played the lead in the TV shows 'The Flying Nun' and 'Gidget.'

Now: After spending most of the last decade on TV -- primarily as Nora Walker on 'Brothers & Sisters' --  Field made a triumphant return to film in 2012. The 66-year-old starred as Mary Todd Lincoln in 'Lincoln' and played Aunt May in 'The Amazing Spider-Man.'

Pierce Brosnan, Stu Denmeyer

Pierce Brosnan
20th Century Fox/Jag Gundu, Getty Images

Then: You surely remember Pierce Brosnan as Miranda's handsome suitor Stu. At that point Brosnan was best known for being the super sleuth title character on the '80s TV series 'Remington Steele,' but he was about to become world famous for being James Bond, a role he began playing in 1995's 'GoldenEye.'

Now: Brosnan will next be seen starring alongside Emma Thompson in the comedy 'Love Punch.'

Harvey Fierstein, Frank

Harvey Fierstein
20th Century Fox/Mike Coppola, Getty Images

Then: That was Harvey Fierstein as Daniel's makeup artist brother Uncle Frank. One of the first openly gay actors, Fierstein wrote and originated the lead role in the play 'Torch Song Trilogy' and starred in its cinematic version.

Now: Fierstein co-wrote the Broadway musical 'Newsies' and collaborated with Cyndi Lauper on the Tony award-winning 'Kinky Boots.' The last screen appearance for the gravely voiced writer/actor was as a judge on 'The Good Wife.'

Lisa Jakub, Lydia Hillard

Lisa Jakub
20th Century Fox/Facebook

Then: Lisa Jakub played wise eldest Hillard daughter Lydia. She was involved in an even bigger hit a few years later when she played a supporting role in 'Independence Day.'

Now: Jakub stopped acting after starring in the 2000 TV movie 'The Royal Diaries: Isabel - Jewel of Castilla.' She disappeared from the public eye after that, reemerging in March of 2013 with a website, a Twitter and a Facebook page. She explains that she quit acting because she no longer enjoyed it and now describes herself as "a writer, yogi, wife and dog-mom with a serious travel addiction."

Matthew Lawrence, Chris Hillard

Matthew Lawrence
20th Century Fox/Mark Mainz, Getty Images

Then: The younger brother of Joey "Whoa!" Lawrence portrayed Hillard son Chris and went on to play Jack Hunter on 'Boy Meets World.'

Now: In 2012, Lawrence was part of the cast of the horror movie 'Of Silence.' He also recently appeared as a guest star on his brother's sitcom 'Melissa & Joey.'

Mara Wilson, Natalie Hillard

Mara Wilson
20th Century Fox/Twitter

Then: In her film debut, Wilson was precocious Natalie Hillard in 'Mrs. Doubtfire.' One of the more accomplished child actors of the '90s, Wilson went on to star in 'Miracle on 34th Street,' 'Matilda' and 'A Simple Wish.'

Now: These days Wilson is a writer for places like Cracked and a popular presence on Twitter. (She addresses why she quit acting on her blog Mara Wilson Writes Stuff.) She hopes to break into children's fiction, and talked about her time in Hollywood on the Web series The Nostalgia Critic and The Nostalgia Chick.

Robert Prosky, Mr. Lundy

Robert Prosky
20th Century Fox/Paul Hawthorne, Getty Images

Then: Robert Prosky was TV executive Mr. Lundy, who gets caught up in Daniel's ruse. The veteran actor had been known for his role as Sgt. Stan Jablonski on 'Hill Street Blues' and for originating the Shelly Levene character in the David Mamet play 'Glengarry Glen Ross.'

Now: Prosky passed away in 2008 at the age of 77. His last role ended up being in the 2009 horror movie 'The Skeptic.'

Scott Capurro, Jack

Scott Capurro
20th Century Fox/Scott

Then: In his movie debut, comedian Scott Capurro played Frank's partner "Aunt" Jack. His only other movie appearances was as the voice of Fodesinbeed Annodue in 'Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.'

Now: Capurro is stand up comic who performs primarily in England.

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