Unsurprising as it was to see MTV joining the movie-TV reboot trend with an adaptation of iconic teen horror thriller ‘Scream,’ we have to admit a bit of pause with the notion of MTV’s rendition ditching the iconic “Ghostface” mask. Now, producers have gone on record to confirm that while “Ghostface” is no more, in its place will be a “darker” take on the classic look, potentially one made of human skin.

Per Entertainment Weekly, MTV senior vice president Mina Lefevre states that while the new ‘Scream’ won’t (yet) feature the classic plastic mask look, the new take will similarly derive from classic Edvard Munch painting “The Scream.” Producers wouldn’t quite confirm that the new mask would be made from human skin, though the “Ghostface” comments also suggested an origins approach that looks to be more in line with the gruesome horror of today, while still maintaining ‘Scream’’s teen wit.

It’s a darker, almost more grounded, evolved version of the mask. It’s something we’re constantly talking about. How did that mask become that mask? What’s its purpose? How did it evolve? If the Scream movie mask was the more plastic version, for a lack of a better description, this one is a more organic looking and frankly darker version.

Scream was incredibly iconic, but we wanted to reinvent that for TV while of course keeping all the main elements that made it so iconic, including a mask, but also the soapy teen stories, pop culture humor, the scares and the killer. We’re tonally walking that line, yet delivering the scares in a significant way. The mask was a big discussion creatively. We wanted to get a nod and a wink to what the original was, but we definitely wanted to make it more on par with what horror is now, which is darker.

Centering around a viral video that brings about deadly repercussions, and with Jamie Travis directing a script from Jay Beattie and Dan Dworkin, the ‘Scream’ TV series stars ‘Arrow‘’s Bex Taylor-Klaus, Bobby Campo, Connor Weil and Joel Gretsch. Jill Blotevogel will serve as showrunner, with Wes Craven, Marianne Maddalena and Cathy Konrad executive producing.

The new series will consist of 10 episodes to start, premiering in October 2015, and is not intended to share any continuity with, or cross over with any of the characters from the horror franchise of the same name. Tell us what you think of the ‘Scream’ TV series’ new take on the “Ghostface” mask in the comments!