The idea of TV shows rebooting old movies has become old hat by now, but the latest may bring with it a surprising revelation. NBC will look to adapt the 2000 Jim Caviezel-Dennis Quaid time-travel drama ‘Frequency’ as a new TV series, as developed by ‘Supernatural’ showrunner Jeremy Carver. But what might it mean for the long-running CW series?

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the new rendition of ‘Frequency’ will arrive as “a character-driven drama in which an NYPD detective connects with his son, 30 years in the future.” The two would work together to change the history of tragic events to come, also healing their complicated relationship in the process.

Curiously, it isn’t specified if the protagonist’s timeline would be 30 years behind ours, thereby making the show a period piece, or if the son would make contact from 30 years in the future. In either case, ‘Supernatural’ showrunner Jeremy Carver will write the script and executive produce alongside feature writer Toby Emmerich, though it remains unclear how ‘Frequency’ might affect Carver’s duties as ‘Supernatural’ showrunner. That show’s likely to last through at least another season.

For those unfamiliar with the original film, 2000’s ‘Frequency’ starred ‘Person of Interest’ actor Jim Caviezel as a modern-day detective who finds himself communicating with his 1960s firefighter father (Quaid) through a mysterious radio, serendipitously on the day before the man’s death. Successfully preventing the tragedy, the 1999 detective then finds history rewritten, forcing father and son to work together to prevent a series of tragic alterations.

NBC’s ‘Frequency’ adaptation has only a script-plus-penalty commitment for the moment, but what do you think? Would you be interested in a ‘Frequency’ show, especially if it created a ‘Supernatural’ shakeup? Watch the original trailer below, and tell us what you think of the latest movie-TV reboot!

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