Airtight Games' Eric Studer guided a demo of Murdered: Soul Suspect for PlayStation at E3, but now you can see what all the hype is about for this afterlife detective thriller.

The video above comes to us courtesy of GamesHQBeta. In the lengthy demo, we revisit Det. Ronan's actual murder by visiting his crime scene as a ghost. There are a lot of clues to uncover from within in the ghost realm, known as the Dusk, and the player will have to piece together things the living police may not notice.

In addition to having your own murder to solve, there are also ghost cases in Murdered you can take on in optional quests. There are a lot of interesting ideas in place for Airtight's game, and Murdered: Soul Suspect definitely has our attention. We're looking forward to the opportunity to step into Ronan's shoes later this year, but we still want to see more about what makes this new title so special.