Amidst the flurry of NBC's Upfront coverage today, NBC has only really given us bits and pieces of their upcoming slate until now.  We've already shown you the bad-ass new trailer for the J.J. Abrams / Eric Kripke / Jon Favreau post-apocalyptic series 'Revolution' but which of NBC's other new offerings are most worth your time?  Check them out inside for the answer!

It's certainly a big deal to have Matthew Perry back on NBC in all the years since 'Friends' has been off the air, and we're certainly hoping for better than 'Mr. Sunshine.'  'Go On' follows perry as a radio sportscaster mandated to attend group therapy for the loss of his wife, and from the trailer below, certainly seems a bit muted.  There are a few good one-liners, sure, but it's clear from the second half that there's definitely going to be a bit more melodrama, let's say more 'Parenthood' than 'Community.'

The same goes for Ryan Murphy's 'The New Normal,' which definitely maintains that Ryan Murphy wit and edge, even if some of the humor seems a bit on the nose.  It's definitely at least worth a look for Andrew Rannells, who lit up Broadway in 'The Book of Mormon' and even recently stole the show in an episode of HBO's 'Girls.'

Next up is 'Animal Practice,' while admittedly a somewhat hoakey premise definitely brings the laughs from its animal co-stars...

'Guys With Kids' brings in NBC's newest three-camera sitcom, and stars Anthony Anderson and Jessie Metcalfe, executive produced by Jimmy Fallon.  It's got a solid cast, but only if you're into that style of show.

Finally, we have Dick Wolf's latest drama 'Chicago Fire,' which definitely doesn't look to get as gritty so far as firefighting dramas like 'Rescue Me,' but still might be worth a look for all you 'Law & Order' fans.

So, what say you? Which of NBC's newest offerings did you like the most? Discuss your favorites and most-hated in the comments below!