Doesn't every good TV series description start out that way? Indeed, TV seems to have reached the age of the "classic story with a twist" full on, as NBC is the latest to fall victim to the scheme of re-imagining classic tales. A few weeks ago, we heard about The CW rebooting 'Alice in Wonderland' as a modern-day Los Angeles detective story with a twist, but now NBC wants to beat them to the punch with its own take on the Lewis Carroll tale. How out there does NBC's version go, and when will it air?

'Alice in Wonderland' may be pulling double duty next year, as we've just learned from Deadline that NBC is looking to develop its own adaptation of the classic Lewis Carroll source material, following The CW's unique take on the franchise. Developed by 'CSI' creator Anthony Zuiker and written by Whit Anderson, NBC's 'Wonderland' tale would act as a sequel to the classic tale, where a girl named Clara travels to the fantasy landscape in the hopes of fixing her wayward life, only to find Alice ruling over Wonderland as a despotic queen.

“Whit Anderson is a true visionary,” Zuiker said. “Her re-imagining of 'Alice In Wonderland' blew us away and we are very excited to bring this to television.” In addition to The CW's effort, Lionsgate TV may also look to develop a series around Zenescope's 'Wonderland' graphic novels, while ABC's 'Once Upon A Time' encompasses some of the 'Alice in Wonderland' characters as well.

What say you? Can TV handle this much 'Wonderland'? Which of the new series would you most be interested in seeing?

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