Sorry folks, the doctor is out.  And you're not going to like who's replacing him.  While many of NBC's 2012 offerings continue to do surprisingly well, including 'Revolution,' 'Go On' and 'The New Normal,' it seems they've just had their first casualty as well.  Infamously dubbed the "monkey doctor show," NBC's 'Animal Practice' has been quietly euthanized.  But which delayed sitcom is the network bringing in to replace it?

'Community' fans, we feel your pain.  Not only because our precious October 19 premiere was yanked out from under us for a later date, but because NBC has snatched yet another glimmer of hope away following 'Animal Practice's cancellation.  Likely one of the heaviest-promoted outings for the network (all thanks due to Crystal, the adorable capuchin), NBC has decided to pull the plug on the Justin Kirk-fronted veterinarian comedy, to be replaced with the second season of 'Whitney' beginning November 14.

While 'Animal Practice's cancellation doesn't come as a huge surprise, the network placing 'Whitney' in its slot shouldn't turn many heads either, likely opting for a strengthened line-up of three-camera sitcoms along with 'Guys With Kids.'  Still no word on 'Community's return, but no news is good news for the moment.

Despite a relatively strong Olympics-boosted start, 'Animal Practice' is the second major cancellation of the season, following CBS' 'Made in Jersey.'  Do you think it deserved the axe?  Will 'Whitney' fare any better?  Give us your fall TV scorecard in the comments!