And lo, yet another NBC series goes gentle into that good night, prior to even airing a pilot episode.  But where 'Mockingbird Lane' still gets to air its expensive debut episode as a Halloween special, NBC's Dane Cook comedy 'Next Caller' seems to have been replaced with dead air.  The as-yet-unaired sitcom saw the controversial comedian as an acerbic, jockish radio host, but what might have caused NBC to pass on the four episodes shot?

Next pilot, please.  It seems the cast of NBC's Dane Cook sitcom 'Next Caller' have been dumped from air, with the network opting to leave the series off its mid-season slate.  Deadline reveals that despite the show's six-episode order, four of which have already been shot, NBC has no plans to air the series in any form.

The single-camera comedy written by 'Weeds' Stephen Falk follows a bright-eyed young host named Stella ('Cougar Town's Collette Wolfe), whose dream job at a satellite radio station crashes to a halt when paired with her chauvinistic co-host (Cook). The series also boasted 'Arrested Development's Jeffrey Tambor, and Ryan Devlin, but apparently wasn't moving in the direction NBC had hoped.

The cancellation comes as a contrast to NBC's Bryan Fuller-helmed 'Munsters' reboot 'Mockingbird Lane,' which will get to air its pilot episode as a Halloween special even though NBC decided not to move forward with the series.

Take a look at the trailer for the series below, and tell us if you would have watched 'Next Caller' in the comments!