For a series with a straight-to-series 10-episode order and an established leading man in 'The Tudors' star Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, we're increasingly drawn to NBC's forthcoming 'Dracula' adaptation without even a scrap of footage or photos. Previously casting its female leads, now we've learned that NBC's 'Dracula' has set its sights on the iconic professor Abraham Van Helsing, casting 'King Kong' star Thomas Kretschmann in the role with an unusual twist on the character. Find out the latest on NBC's 'Dracula' inside!

NBC may be presenting its own unique take on the classic 'Dracula' character with its upcoming Jonathan Rhys-Meyers series, but that doesn't mean the network will skimp on an iconic villain like Abraham Van Helsing. New reports claim that 'King Kong' star Thomas Kretschmann has landed the role, albeit in a different manner than Van Helsing has typically been portrayed in 'Dracula' mythology.

Rather than a benevolent hero or hunter, Kretschmann’s Van Helsing will be portrayed as a brilliant professor obsessed with revenge and power, who may actually pose a greater threat to the public than legendary vampire himself. When 'Dracula' is your hero (and oh-so-handsome), we couldn't have Van Helsing be too likable, now could we?

Set in the 1890s and described as a cross between ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ and ‘The Tudors,’ ‘Dracula’ finds the titular character (Meyers) arriving in London under the guise of American entrepreneur “Alan Grayson,” claiming that he wants to bring modern science to Victorian society. Instead, he seeks revenge on the people who destroyed his life centuries earlier, while falling in love with Mina Murray ( ‘Arrow‘ star Jessica De Gouw), a woman who appears to be the reincarnation of his dead wife.

In addition to the recent casting of Oliver Jackson-Cohen, 'Dracula' features 'Game of Thrones' star Nonso Alonzie and ‘Merlin’ alum Katie McGrath as loyal confidante R.M. Renfield and Lucy Westenra, respectively.

What say you? Are you intrigued in the new take being developed with NBC's 'Dracula?' What would you like to see from the ten-episode series when it premieres?

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