NBC's 'Hannibal' won't skip a week despite pulling its next episode in the wake of episode material sensitive to the Boston Marathon bombings, airing Thursday's "Coquilles" in place of the intended "Ceuf." Rather than simply scrap the episode's US distribution, however, NBC and series creator Bryan Fuller have created a "cannibalized" web series taking us through the relevant parts of the episode in order to keep us up to date! Watch the newest 'Hannibal' early inside!

While NBC's 'Hannibal' won't have any glaring continuity issues in this week's all-new episode "Coquilles," moved up a week after NBC opted to pull intended episode "Ceuf" for its content of children's violence, series creator Bryan Fuller has served up smaller portions of the episode for continuity's sake. With a forward from Fuller himself, NBC has made the first bit of "Ceuf" available on its website (via TVLine), with intent to distribute additional scenes from the episode online.

In the first clip below, we see Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) continuing to struggle with the death of Garrett Jacob Hobbs, telling Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) in session that he feels haunted even after the man's death. Afterward, the good doctor pays Will's home a visit, but where is Will himself in all this?

You can check out the first bits of 'Hannibal's' pulled episode "Ceuf" below, and be sure to tune in for "Coquilles" tomorrow night on NBC!