NBC may not have had much luck reviving 'The Munsters' into 'Mockingbird Lane' earlier this year, but if CBS can revive past shows like 'Hawaii Five-0' successfully, who's to stop NBC from trying again? The peacock has next gotten the ball rolling on rebooting '60s-era wheelchair-bound detective 'Ironside,' who was famously forced to find alternative methods of fighting crime after being left paralyzed from the waist down. Who might be ready to take the chair as the new 'Ironside?'

As long as networks will keep digging into the past for TV ideas, why not choose one with an uplifting premise? According to Vulture, NBC has set its sights on rebooting the classic detective drama 'Ironside,' which famously featured a wheelchair-bound detective who develops new methods of doing his job after a sniper bullet leaves him confined to the chair.

The pilot is being written by 'Malavita' writer Michael Caleo, with 'Person of Interest' director Dave Semel attached to helm if NBC decides to order a pilot episode. The original series ran from 1967-1975 (plus a 1993 movie) and starred actor Raymond Burr, while no casting choices have yet been announced for the reboot given its preliminary status.

What say you?  Do you think NBC has a place for a wheelchair-bound detective?  Who might have the steely resolve to play a new 'Ironside?'