Just when you thought all the major TV announcements to come out of the cancellations and renewals of Upfronts had come and gone, NBC has one more to be added to the slate for summer. This July will see the debut of scripted series 'Siberia,' a new twist on reality TV that sees its characters participating in a fictional reality series gone awry. The series has already lined up to premiere on July 1, so get an inside look at 'Siberia' inside!

We're not much for reality TV on the whole, but the latest concept thriller from NBC titled 'Siberia' seems to have an interesting twist going for it. NBC announced the show's pickup today, slating the Sierra/Engine Television series for a July 1 debut. From the network's official description of 'Siberia':

In 1908, a meteor hit deep into the remote Siberian territory of Tunguska. Now, more than 100 years later, 16 contestants descend on Tunguska unknowing of the land’s mysterious past. When a contestant is badly injured and no help arrives, the contestants are met with the chilling realization that the strange occurrences are not part of the show. With their safety threatened, competing contestants must band together in an effort to survive.

“The concept of survival, when mysterious elements are at play, makes for a compelling show,” said Jeff Bader, President, Program Planning, Strategy and Research for NBC Entertainment. “We believe a scripted series that offers an insightful behind-the-scenes view of how a reality concept comes together — especially when things don’t go according to plan — will connect with our audience in a very satisfying way.”

We'll certainly keep an eye on this one, but what say you? Do you think 'Siberia' has what it takes to survive?