'Neighbors' is a hilarious movie. Let's start there. It's the day after the film's raucous premiere at SXSW and it's clear that the Seth Rogen/Zac Efron comedy has the potential to become the sleeper hit of the summer. Given the film's college theme, we caught up with stars Seth Rogen and Dave Franco to talk about the film over what some might consider the greatest college drinking game of all-time, beer pong. It's Team ScreenCrush vs. Team 'Neighbors' in an epic, beer-soaked (literally) battle!

It's not a particularly nice morning in Austin. The air stings. It poured the night before and dark clouds linger in the sky like a bad hangover. We're at the Funny or Die House, a retrofitted bar on Rainey Street, made to look like the Delta Psi frat house. Whatever grass had existed on the lawn outside has since been supplanted with a brown slop. It is not the kind of day where you would want to stand around outside...waiting.

Yet, there are throngs of teenage girls, their moms and even some embarrassed younger brothers, lined up beyond the temporary fence around the perimeter; fingers, eyes and noses all poking through the holes, scanning the area for a glimpse of someone famous. I make my way from the backyard up to the front door, and, for a moment, their heads snap to attention. Is it? No, I'm nobody and their Sharpies retreat to their jeans pocket.

Moments later, Franco would arrive. The fence rattles and screeches ring out. It's like the Velociraptor scene from the opening of 'Jurassic Park,' except we're the ones gated in and, best as I can recall, no one from Universal shouted "Shoooot her!" Franco takes it all in stride and, with that trademark grin, strolls over to say hello, sign autographs and take a few selfies. After a few minutes and an, "OK, I gotta go do this thing!" Franco waves goodbye. Now, I feel guilty. This "thing" is to try and beat me in beer pong.

It's not particularly fair: of the four people playing, I'm the only one who actually graduated from college. (It's to note, all you high school kids reading this, that two of the non-college graduates make considerably more money than me.) To even things out, Team ScreenCrush (made up of me and Britt Hayes) will be drinking all the beer. I am perfectly OK with this. So are Seth and Dave, who warn us, "If you saw what was going on on this floor at 4 a.m. last night, you would not want to be drinking any beer that had these ping-pong balls in it."

As we play, we talk college, what Dave's brother James is up to, having kids and Seth shows me exactly what an "elephant walk" is. Let's just say it involves me bending over and Seth reaching out with a cupped hand.

'Neighbors' opens in theaters this Friday.

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