'Neighbors' was an instant comedy hit when it landed in theaters last month, and with the film crossing $135 million at the box office this weekend, the question of a sequel is inevitable. And this weekend star and producer Seth Rogen admitted that there has definitely been talk of a sequel with the Universal -- but so far it's just talk.

In a conversation this weekend at the Produced By conference at the Warner Bros. lot (via Deadline), Rogen said "We are having a lot of discussions" in regards to a sequel to his highly successful comedy 'Neighbors,' which he co-produced with his longtime creative partner Evan Goldberg under their Point Grey banner. Rogen also explained that the budget for 'Neighbors' had been cut in half to $18 million in order to minimize studio interference, which seems to imply that one of the key factors in moving forward with a sequel to the comedy would be a similar deal.

Rogen went on to elaborate on his other current projects under Point Grey, including the upcoming comedy 'The Interview,' which will serve as the second directorial project for Rogen and Goldberg following their debut with last year's 'This Is the End.' That film hits theaters on October 10.

Rogen is also re-teaming with his '50/50' co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt for an upcoming Christmas film, which is currently in pre-production, and is in production with Goldberg on 'Sausage Party,' an animated film with an all-star voice cast. And finally, Rogen and Goldberg are still developing 'Jazz Cops,' a buddy comedy co-starring Rogen and Kevin Hart as 1950s cops who try to infiltrate the jazz scene.

Is a 'Neighbors' sequel possible? Sure, but it seems like Rogen has plenty of other projects on his plate to keep him busy for the foreseeable future, so it might be a while before we see a follow-up to this year's comedy hit. Don't worry -- there's going to be tons of Rogen to keep us laughing for at least the next couple of years.

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