Remember that incredibly cool ‘Alien’ concept art by ‘District 9’ and ‘Chappie’ director Neill Blomkamp that popped up on Instagram last month? At the time, Blomkamp said he’d developed the images completely on his own without the approval of Fox, the studio that owns the ‘Alien’ franchise, and that he was done working on it, so why not share it? That seemed like the end of the story—talented filmmaker makes what basically amounts to uncommissioned fan art—until our old pal Mike Ryan from Uproxx asked Blomkamp about it at the ‘Chappie’ junket earlier today. And while there’s no ‘Alien’ movie coming from Blomkamp at the moment, he basically said there could be if he wanted.

Blomkamp explained that he’s a longtime ‘Alien’ fan who was inspired to start thinking about new avenues for the series to explore after working with actress Sigourney Weaver on ‘Chappie.’ In his downtime during ‘Chappie’’s post-production he “developed an entire movie” that he could make with Weaver, and drew all of the concept art for it, including the pieces that wound up online. Blomkamp says his frustration with Hollywood in general led him to abandon the idea, at least temporarily. But, he added, if he changed his mind, he thinks Fox would take him up on the plan:

Someone at Fox should listen to you about this.

That’s not the problem, actually.

What’s the problem?

Me. I’m the problem. Fox, they would make it. Like, tomorrow. They would make it.

So if you called right now and said, ‘OK, done.’

Yes. Then it would happen.

Blomkamp sounds pretty uncertain what’s going to happen in this interview, but he also claims there’s “a high possibility, a high degree of chance that it happens.” So maybe it will! If you saw, that amazing production art he designed for the project, you’ve got to be intrigued by the possibility. Blomkamp’s ‘Chappie’ opens in theaters on March 6.