The excitement for Joss Whedon's film 'The Avengers' has hit a fever pitch, but if you've had your fill of stills and trailers for the upcoming May release, we've got the perfect cure for what ails you.

This faux trailer for a 1978 'Avengers' TV movie has everything, including Alan Alda as Hawkeye!

The trailer features footage spliced together from various TV shows of the time, with our heroes fighting off Loki as played by Paul Lynde and... KISS? Yes, that would appear to be Gene Simmons of KISS breathing fire all over the place.

You'll also spot Exo-Man from the 1977 TV show as Iron Man, Lou Ferrigno as Hulk from 'The Incredible Hulk' TV series, Captain America, Black Widow, and in the most inspired casting choice, Alan Alda as Hawkeye.

Could you even imagine a world in which Alan Alda is allowed to play a superhero? That's probably the same world where Woody Allen is a superhero, and that's a world we should all try to be living in.

Until that day comes, you can enjoy this awesome fan-made promo for the 'Avengers' TV movie that never was:

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