Oh, how we love 'Community.'  Whether tackling things a simple as a night at the bar, or going full-out with a zombie apocalypse, no comedy on TV today comes as close to being so malleable, or in this case, epic.

In order to prep for the March 15 return of 'Community' after a long winter hiatus, we've already gotten sneak peek clips and animated webisodes (the second of which drops later today, yay!) but nothing quite so awesome as the gift bestowed by Joel McHale onto viewers of 'The Soup' last night: a full-length trailer for the second half of the season!

In the latest trailer, you'll see everything from epic pillow-fight wars to the source of Dean Pelton (Academy Award winner Jim Rash)'s endless costumes, even a return appearance from John Goodman's Vice Dean Laybourne!  The clip also affords looks at a few known upcoming episodes, including the season finale, upcoming premiere "Urban Matrimony" and the Sandwich Arts," and an episode spent largely in Troy and Abed's "dreamatorium" with Annie and Abed.

And did we spy...the return of Evil Abed from the darkest timeline?!

There are only so many words to describe both the trailer, and our excitement for the March 15 return of 'Community', so see for yourself in the player below, and hit us up with your favorite moments in the comment section below!