It's only been a day since the September issue of Game Informer's cover was revealed, featuring art from Dragon Age: Inquisition, but details from the game have already started pouring out over the internet. 

Thanks to a thread on NeoGAF, we've got a bunch of new details about Dragon Age: Inquisition that help shed some light on what we'll see in the next iteration of BioWare's fantasy series.

While you can check out the link to see all of the bulleted points, we've laid out some key details here:

  • The Frostbite engine will have a large role and expands the scope of the game more than ever before.
  • The Inquisitor will be a customizable character without a set name, unlike Hawke from Dragon Age 2.
  • Battles will be less frantic and will require more strategy.
  • The game will feature Eastern Ferelden and Western Orlais in an open-world style of play.
  • An optimized version will be made for the PC.
  • Exploration will be fostered with hidden areas and items.
  • A new mage named Vivienne will join your party.
  • Varric and Cassandra, characters from the previous games, will return.
  • Morrigan will not join your party, but will play a big role in the game.
  • Weather can affect combat, ex. muddy ground will slow movement, sandstorms inflict damage.
  • The Fade is linked to the real world via a tear in the sky.
  • Mounts will be available to ride.
These are just a few of the details culled from the Game Informer article. Check the NeoGAF link to see even more information. Let us know what you think about Dragon Age: Inquisition so far and whether or not you're looking forward to this next part in the Dragon Age trilogy.