Suda51 is known for developing some rather eccentric games, but Killer is Dead just might the most insane title he's created yet. Don't believe us? Check out these latest Japanese gameplay videos where protagonist Mondo must race against a man riding a tiger, and pick up a woman in a bar.

The videos come courtesy of Famitsu, and give us a better idea about the action that will take place in Killer is Dead. Though the videos are in Japanese, it's not hard to follow along with the combat sequence in the tiger fight.

The bar scene is a little more challenging to understand, but as Mondo is a gigolo, you can use contextual clues to create a better understanding of just what's happening between him and the lovely lady conversing with him. That this two disparate styles of gameplay factor into one title might seem a little odd, but that's just how Suda51 rolls.

Check out the footage, and let us know if you're looking forward to the U.S. release this summer.