After Avengers: Age of Ultron and Jurassic World, it may be hard for you to believe that we still have two months left in the summer movie season. July promises even more major blockbusters, with another Marvel film on the way and a few highly-anticipated sequels. No need to mark your calendars for next month’s major releases — read on for our guide to what’s hitting theaters in July.

July 1

Magic Mike XXL: Directed by Gregory Jacobs. Starring Channing Tatum, Elizabeth Banks and Matt Bomer. Three years after Mike bowed out of the stripper life at the top of his game, he and the remaining Kings of Tampa hit the road to Myrtle Beach to put on one last blow-out performance.

Terminator Genisys: Directed by Alan Taylor. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emilia Clarke and Jason Clarke. When John Connor, leader of the human resistance, sends Sgt. Kyle Reese back to 1984 to protect Sarah Connor and safeguard the future, an unexpected turn of events creates a fractured timeline.

July 3

Amy (Limited): Directed by Asif Kapadia. A documentary on the late singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse, who died of alcohol poisoning in 2011.

Cartel Land (Limited): Directed by Matthew Heineman. This documentary centers on two vigilante groups and their quest to battle Mexican drug cartels.

Jackie and Ryan (Limited/VOD): Directed by Ami Canaan Mann. Starring Katherine Heigl, Ben Barnes and Clea DuVall. A modern day train hopper fighting to be a successful musician and a single mom battling to maintain custody of her daughter defy their circumstances by coming together in a relationship that may change each others lives forever.

Stung (Limited/VOD): Directed by Benni Diez. Starring Clifton Collins Jr., Jessica Cook and Lance Henriksen. An upscale garden party goes awry when the guests are attacked by seven-foot-tall killer wasps.

July 10

The Gallows: Directed by Travis Cluff and Chris Lofing. Starring Cassidy Gifford, Pfeifer Brown and Ryan Shoos. 20 years after a horrific accident during a small town school play, students at the school resurrect the failed show in a misguided attempt to honor the anniversary of the tragedy — but soon discover that some things are better left alone.

Minions: Directed by Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin. Starring Sandra Bullock, Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud. Minions Stuart, Kevin and Bob are recruited by Scarlet Overkill, a super-villain who, alongside her inventor husband Herb, hatches a plot to take over the world.

Self/Less: Directed by Tarsem Singh. Starring Ryan Reynolds, Matthew Goode and Ben Kingsley. A wealthy older man dying of cancer discovers a new program that will allow for his consciousness to be transferred to the body of a younger, healthier person.

Tangerine (Limited): Directed by Sean Baker. Starring Kitana Kiki Rodriguez, Mya Taylor and Karren Karagulian. A working girl tears through Tinseltown on Christmas Eve searching for the pimp who broke her heart.

10,000 Km (Limited/VOD): Directed by Carlos Marques-Marcet. Starring Natalia Tena and David Verdaguer. Two people in love, two apartments - one in Barcelona and another on in Los Angeles - and the images of their past, present and future. Can love survive 10,000km?

Do I Sound Gay? (Limited/VOD): Directed by David Thorpe. This documentary examines the stereotype of “gay voice.”

Strangerland (Limited/VOD): Directed by Kim Farrant. Starring Nicole Kidman, Hugo Weaving and Joseph Fiennes. A family finds their dull life in a rural outback town rocked after their two teenage children disappear into the desert, sparking disturbing rumors of their past.

July 17

Ant-Man: Directed by Peyton Reed. Starring Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas and Evangeline Lilly. Armed with a super-suit with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, con-man Scott Lang must embrace his inner hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym, plan and pull off a heist that will save the world.

Trainwreck: Directed by Judd Apatow. Starring Amy Schumer, Bill Hader and Vanessa Bayer. Having thought that monogamy was never possible, a commitment-phobic career woman may have to face her fears when she meets a good guy.

Boulevard (Limited): Directed by Dito Montiel. Starring Robin Williams, Bob Odenkirk and Kathy Baker. A devoted husband in a marriage of convenience is forced to confront his secret life.

Irrational Man (Limited): Directed by Woody Allen. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Emma Stone and Parker Posey. A tormented philosophy professor finds a will to live when he commits an existential act.

The Look of Silence (Limited): Directed by Joshua Oppenheimer. A family that survives the genocide in Indonesia confronts the men who killed one of their brothers.

Mr. Holmes (Limited): Directed by Bill Condon. Starring Ian McKellen, Laura Linney and Hiroyuki Sanada. An aged, retired Sherlock Holmes looks back on his life, and grapples with an unsolved case involving a beautiful woman.

The Stanford Prison Experiment (Limited): Directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez. Starring Ezra Miller, Thomas Mann and Michael Angarano. 24 male students out of 75 were selected to take on randomly assigned roles of prisoners and guards in a mock prison situated in the basement of the Stanford psychology building.

Lila and Eve (Limited/VOD): Directed by Charles Stone III. Starring Jennifer Lopez, Viola Davis and Aml Ameen. Two distraught mothers, whose children were gunned down in a drive-by, team up to avenge their deaths after local authorities fail to take action.

July 24

Paper Towns: Directed by Jake Schreier. Starring Nat Wolff, Cara Delevingne and Halston Sage. A young man and his friends embark upon the road trip of their lives to find the missing girl next door.

Pixels: Directed by Chris Columbus. Starring Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Michelle Monaghan. When aliens misinterpret video feeds of classic arcade games as a declaration of war, they attack the Earth in the form of the video games.

Southpaw: Directed by Antoine Fuqua. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams and 50 Cent. A boxer fights his way to the top, only to find his life falling apart around him.

The Vatican Tapes: Directed by Mark Neveldine. Starring Michael Pena, Djimon Hounsou and Dougray Scott. A priest and two Vatican exorcists must do battle with an ancient satanic force to save the soul of a young woman.

Samba (Limited): Directed by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano. Starring Omar Sy, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Tahar Rahim. An immigrant from Senegal struggling through various odd jobs meets a burnt-out executive in France.

Dark Was the Night (Limited/VOD): Directed by Jack Heller. Starring Kevin Durand, Nick Damici and Steve Agee. An evil is unleashed in a small town when a logging company sets up shop in the neighboring woods.

Smosh: The Movie (Limited/VOD): Directed by Alex Winter. Starring Steve Austin, Michael Ian Black and Grace Helbig. An embarrassing video of Anthony surfaces online right before his fifth high school reunion. The Smosh dudes then race to pull down the clip before it blows Anthony’s chances of reconnecting with his teen crush Anna.

Unexpected (Limited/VOD): Directed by Kris Swanberg. Starring Cobie Smulders, Anders Holm and Gail Bean. An inner-city high school teacher discovers she is pregnant at the same time as one of her most promising students and the two develop an unlikely friendship while struggling to navigate their unexpected pregnancies.

July 29

Vacation: Directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein. Starring Ed Helms, Christina Applegate and Chris Hemsworth. Rusty Griswold takes his own family on a road trip to “Walley World” in order to spice things up with his wife and reconnect with his sons.

Listen to Me Marlon (Limited): Directed by Stevan Riley. Using unheard and unseen tapes and footage of Marlon Brando himself, the acclaimed, extraordinary actor takes you on a guided tour of his life, both on screen and off.

July 31

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation: Directed by Christopher McQuarrie. Starring Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg. Ethan and team take on their most impossible mission yet, eradicating the Syndicate — an International rogue organization as highly skilled as they are, committed to destroying the IMF.

Best of Enemies (Limited): Directed by Robert Gordon and Morgan Neville. This documentary chronicles the legendary series of debates in 1968 between the liberal intellectual Gore Vidal and the conservative William F. Buckley Jr.

The End of the Tour (Limited): Directed by James Ponsoldt. Starring Jason Segel, Jesse Eisenberg and Anna Chlumsky. A magazine reporter recounts his travels and conversations with author David Foster Wallace during a promotional book tour.

Jenny’s Wedding (Limited): Directed by Mary Agnes Donoghue. Starring Katherine Heigl, Tom Wilkinson and Linda Emond. An openly gay woman finally comes out to her family as she prepares to marry the love of her life and start a family — if only her own family could get behind her.

Extinction (Limited/VOD): Directed by Miguel Angel Vivas. Starring Matthew Fox, Jeffrey Donovan and Quinn McColgan. And suddenly, overnight, the world came to a halt. Two men, two survivors, one kid, and hatred that separates them. A place forgotten by everyone, including the creatures that inhabit the Earth…until now.

A LEGO Brickumentary (Limited/VOD): Directed by Kief Davidson and Daniel Junge. Narrated by Jason Bateman. A look at the global culture and appeal of the LEGO building-block toys.