'Pacific Rim' didn't have a 2013 Super Bowl trailer but that doesn't mean you can't get a new look at the film today. We've got seven hi-res new images from the film that show off some of the film's giant robots and the humans behind them. Time to get excited.

USA Today had a sneak peek of 'Pacific Rim' and spoke to director Guillermo del Toro who previewed the movie for the first time as a test screening in California. For the unlucky among us who didn't get a sneak peek at 'Pacific Rim,' we do get seven new photos from the film in hi-res plus some new details from del Toro.

Multiple times, del Toro refers to 'Pacific Rim' as something of a western, even saying that when the actors harness themselves into the giant robots (used to help defeat the giant monsters, obviously), they deliberately used the sound of cowboy spurs. And he compares the fights between the robots and the monsters (called Jaegers and Kaiju in the film) to gunfights from the old west. It's an interesting comparison to make for a giant sci-fi monster movie but always fascinating to see where del Toro gets his inspiration from.

Lest you think Warner Bros. doesn't have faith in the film, del Toro confirms they are already working on a 'Pacific Rim 2' despite the original film still being months away.

Below you can take a look at eight new 'Pacific Rim' pics - including stars Charlie Hunnam ('Sons of Anarchy') and Rinko Kikuchi (each of which you can click to see in HD). 'Pacific Rim' hits theaters on July 12.