The rumors surrounding the reshoots on Rogue One escalated pretty quickly, and within less than 48 hours we went from “Disney is unhappy” to “it needs some levity, no big deal” to “Christopher McQuarrie is involved and they’re reshooting 40 percent of the film.” Crazy. Today brings yet another report, this time offering some much-needed clarification on exactly what’s happening behind the scenes with Gareth EdwardsStar Wars Story.

Entertainment Weekly spoke with a few “high level sources” at Lucasfilm to sort the facts from the fiction, and they dug up quite a bit of information. Although Rogue One is undergoing four to five weeks of reshoots, it’s been confirmed that Lucasfilm built those additional weeks of shooting into the production schedule — which has become common practice on most major films.

While Christopher McQuarrie did work on an earlier draft of the screenplay, he’s definitely not involved with the reshoot process — but Tony Gilroy is. Gilroy worked on the scripts for several of the Bourne films and directed The Bourne Legacy, and, like McQuarrie, he’s also done a bit of script doctoring on big studio films, including Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla. Gilroy will help out with additional dialogue for the reshoots and serve as second unit director.

As for exactly what is being reshot, a source says that the new footage is for “clarity and character development,” and all the scenes they’re filming “take place [as inserts] within scenes we’ve already shot.” Basically, they’re mostly adding some moments between characters, with another source adding that it’s “a lot of talking in cockpits.” So no, it’s nothing major, and it’s certainly not 40 percent of the film, which seemed pretty wacky when it was rumored yesterday.

There’s more info in EW’s extensive report on the reshoots, much of which should make fans feel a bit better about the situation. Mostly, it’s important to remember that reshoots are totally normal and are often planned, and if anything, fans can take comfort knowing that Lucasfilm cares this much about giving them the best Star Wars experience possible.

Rogue One hits theaters on December 16.

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