'Star Trek Into Darkness' - perhaps the most mysterious film of the summer - is only about a month away and the mystery will soon be revealed. Today we've got a brand new, ominous 'Star Trek Into Darkness' poster plus 12 hi-res new 'Star Trek Into Darkness' pics to shed a little bit of light on the 'Darkness.' (Get it?...) You can check them all out after the jump.

The lucky ducks in the UK get to see 'Star Trek Into Darkness' about a week earlier than us here in the U.S. and, as such, tickets will go on sale tomorrow in England. To help promote that, Paramount released a new poster once again highlighting the villainous John "Don't Call Me Khan" Harrison (played by Benedict Cumberbatch).

After that, we've got 12 new hi-res 'Star Trek Into Darkness' pics, which give us a look at some of the rest of the USS Enterprise crew (Scotty, Bones, Sulu and Chekov were barely seen in the trailers so far). We feel like 'Star Trek' hasn't gotten the buzz that it deserves but that should change as the film ramps up for its big release this summer. What do you say? Are you excited? Check out the poster below and click on any of the pics to see them in hi-res.

'Star Trek Into Darkness' hits theaters on May 17.