'Transformers 4' is not a reboot, but it has done away with the human cast you may have been familiar with after the first three movies. Taking over for Shia LaBeouf is Mark Wahlberg, who's role in this movie is to be the father of a really beautiful girl (Nicola Peltz, taking over for Megan Fox). Presumably he has something else to do because in this new 'Transformers 4' poster, he's got a really, really big alien gun. And he's ready to use it.

The poster features Wahlberg and his three guns (get it? That's a bicep joke...) standing in a wheat field, while an alien ship hovers over his head. The tagline reads ominously, "The rules have changed." (But, the players are the same!) Interestingly enough, the gun also looks like a sword? (UPDATE: Some have suggested this is the fabled "Star Saber" and Wahlberg is just holding it like a gun.)

What is this all supposed to mean? Uhh, we don't know. But, Wahlberg is rocking some serious Spielberg face so something is definitely going on in the distance. Probably something that involves a gigantic robot dinosaur.

No official plot details have been revealed for the film, so we're left to speculate. Where'd he get that gun? Who is he using it against? What rules have changed? Who changed them? Bueller?

The good news is that more posters and a new trailer will slowly be rolled out all this week, which will hopefully provide some explanation.

'Transformers 4' opens in theaters on June 27.

Transformers 4 poster

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