Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally: greatest celebrity couple, or the best celebrity couple? The comedic character actors have been married since 2003, and as anyone who has seen Parks and Recreation can attest, they have an explosive onscreen chemistry. As Ron and Tammy II, the pair has laid waste to every scene in which they appear, though they’ve taken on a more muted dynamic in such independent films as The Kings of Summer and Smashed. They’re at their best when they‘re together, playing off of one another’s energy with the natural ease that only performers comfortable with one another can.

So the news that the pair will jointly appear in another new film is most welcome news indeed. Deadline reports today that the Mullally-Offerman team will star alongside Kieran Culkin in the upcoming film Infinity Baby, to be directed by Bob Byington. Byington also directed 2012’s Offerman-Mullally-starring Somebody Up There Likes Me, which was critically panned across the board, but thems is the breaks. This new comedy will take place in a not-so-distant future in which some babies do not age out of their infancy and remain tiny forever. Culkin plays an employee at the title company, which is “tasked with farming out 3-year-olds,” whatever that might mean. Like, for indentured servitude? But in that case, what good would a weakling three-year-old be? There are the questions we need answered.

How Mullally and Offerman figure into this has not yet been made clear, but the hope is that whatever they end up doing will be more enjoyable than Somebody Up There Likes Me. That's not an especially high bar, and god knows comedy’s new First Couple can clear it.