Ah, love.  Sometimes she is simply not meant to be.  That's why it looks like Kat Dennings will be saying goodbye to her sometime '2 Broke Girls' love interest for much longer than expected.

Nick Zano, most recognizably known from roles in '90210' and as Max (Kat Dennings)'s aptly named on-again off-again love interest Nick of '2 Broke Girls', has been confirmed to join Kal Penn in ABC's forthcoming comedy pilot 'Prairie Dogs,' according to TVLine.  The pilot, penned by 'That ’70s Show's Jackie and Jeff Filgo, follows an uncool cubicle worker Neil (Penn) who becomes the victim of identity theft, and discovers the thief (Zano) created a much more fulfilling life with his identity than he ever did.  Rather than turn him in however, Neil enlists the con man to help him improve his prospects.

The pilot also features 'Saturday Night Live' alum Michaela Watkins, but casts doubt on the idea of Nick Zano's '2 Broke Girls' character returning to the CBS series, not having been seen since November's "And the Really Petty Cash."  The character had appeared since the initial episodes, and slowly formed into a love interest for Kat Dennings' character, before temporarily deciding they were better apart.  If 'Prairie Dogs' goes to series, we're not likely to see the character again.

'Prairie Dogs also marks the first series regular role for Kal Penn since leaving Hollywood to work for the Obama administration, having recently guest-starred in a recurring capacity on 'How I Met Your Mother.'

Heartbroken, '2 Broke Girls' fans?  Do you think there'll be any kind of closure for Nick Zano's character, or is Max better off meeting a new man?  Paging Michael Cera, anyone?  Give us your take on 'Prairie Dogs' in the comments below, and tell us what you want to see most!