Though Friday's Nintendo Direct wasn't filled with a lot of big announcements, president Satoru Iwata did share the release date for Platinum Games' Wonderful 101. Wii U fans will be able to enjoy the super-hero action game on September 15th.

As one of the Wii U's exclusive titles, owners have been waiting to hear when Platinum's quirky action title would arrive in the U.S. No new gameplay was shown during the video presentation, but it's likely Nintendo will have more on the game at E3. Heck, there might even be a playable demo at Best Buy, as per Nintendo's new agreement with the retailer.

The Wii U could certainly use some strong exclusives to bolster its bare bones library, especially since publishers like EA won't be bringing any games to the console this year. Platinum also has Bayonetta 2 coming to the console at some point, but there was no update on when or where to expect that sequel.

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