Two weeks ago 'Iron Man' fans were either happy our outraged to suddenly see Iron Patriot out of all characters appear on the set of 'Iron Man 3.' Well guess what? Everyone was mistaken this whole time and the real character that's supposed to be underneath that suit of armor is one that we're already well acquainted with in the Iron Man universe.

Everybody, let's re-introduce you to James Rhodes. That's right, it's Tony Stark's military buddy, played by Don Cheadle in 'Iron Man 2,' that's secretly underneath the star spangled suit, reveals Latino Review. A lot of people were under the impression that it was James Badge Dale's character underneath there, dressed up as Iron Patriot, but the truth is a lot lamer. Word has it that this is just a repainted version of War Machine's outfit. Apparently the U.S. government decided to give it a more patriotic look so they decided to spruce it up in their own way. At least that explains why War Machine's gun was on this suit's back.

Take deep breath War Machine fans. Take deep breaths and control that rage. We're sure that War Machine will still be just as bad ass.

In the images that were captured on set of the newly repainted War Machine, he's there for a scene where he escorts the Vice President to a flight to China. Wonder what will happen there? Here's hoping they run into The Mandarin sooner rather than later.

But for the time being we have no idea what James Badge Dale's version of Coldblood will look like. Since they just started filming, surely we'll be catching a glimpse of him soon enough.