Now that summer is almost officially over, it's time to crown 'Now You See Me' as the biggest surprise hit of the summer. The film -- which wasn't based on a comic book, nor a sequel or prequel -- ended up making over a hundred million dollars domestically and nearly 300 worldwide. Lionsgate had already announced a follow up, but today director Louis Leterrier spilled that he will be returning to helm it.

Talking to Coming Soon about the film's upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release, Leterrier told them that he's working on the story right now:

"I'm currently, not writing, but we're coming up with the story, the plot, the everything, the twist and the new characters and everything. It was always at least a diptych, two movies, to tell one long story, so yeah, I'm very much involved in it. I don't know if it's going to be my next movie. I know we want to do it pretty fast but I might be able to do another movie in between."

The movie may have saved Leterrier's career as he had previously directed 'The Incredible Hulk' and 'Clash of the Titans,' and while the latter generated a sequel (seemingly out of contractual obligation), neither film is all that well liked. So it makes sense that he'd want to do something else before returning to his franchise. That said, it's hard to say how many of the cast from the original will come back, as it's unlikely that Lionsgate thought they really had a franchise on their hands.

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