If you decided to check out the ‘Silent Hill: Revelation 3D’ panel through the New York Comic Con live stream, then you’ll know what we’re talking about when we say the place was packed with herds of Adelaide Clemens and Kit Harington-loving fans (some of which previously knocked over pole barriers trying to hold in their excitement in line). The NYCC 2012 panel, hosted by Fangoria Magazine Editor Tony Timpone was held in the IGN theater of the NYC Javits Center, and, besides the two leading actors, featured writer/director Michael J. Bassett and producer Samuel Hadida.

“Welcome to the ‘Resident…’ uh, ‘Silent Hill: Revelation 3D panel!” started Timpone, before bringing out the four panelists and kicking things off with a showing of the trailer... in 3D.

Picking up years after the events of the first ‘Silent Hill’ movie, which raked in about $100 million worldwide at the box office, ‘Silent Hill: Revelation 3D’ follows Heather Mason (Clemens), who’s actually Shannon from the first film all grown up, as she’s been on the run with her father (Harington’s former ‘Game of Thrones’ father, Sean Bean) from “dangerous forces.” Her 18th birthday, however, marks the beginning of a string of nightmarish apparitions plaguing both her dreams and waking life, which is followed closely by her father’s sudden disappearance. She then has a – wait for it – “revelation” that she’s not who she always thought she was. That much is certain from both the trailer and new behind-the-scenes footage featuring brief interviews with the four panelists.

But what about Kit Harington’s character Vincent: well, we don't know as much as we’d like. “I don’t want to spoil him,” said Harington. However, Bassett quelled the anxious crowd by saying, “If you know the game, you’ll know Vincent,” and continued by suggesting fro you to look at him as a new character doing new things, but with the DNA of the game character. Can Heather trust him? “He’s trustworthy and then not trustworthy,” said Facet, also noting that he’s strangely knowledgeable about the world of Silent Hill...

So, why wait six years to make a second ‘Silent Hill’ movie? Well, “now she’s 18. We had to wait a time to where she grew up,” said Hadida. … It (kind of) make’s sense. At least, fans can still expect all the video game references they’ve no doubt been craving. There are a ton of Easter eggs in ‘Silent Hill: Revelation 3D,’ some of which are visually “frame by frame of what you’ve played in the game,” said Bassett. That effect is also due to the incredible 3D effects of the film, which tries to recreate the act of sitting at home in the dark and playing the video games. As Bassett described, the game allows you to make your own choices, while the movie takes you on a story.

Gaming is something neither Harington nor Clemens know very much about. “I was [a gamer] in the Nintendo 64 games,” she said, while our real-life Jon Snow was “terrified of it. I’m serious, it scares the crap out of me," he said. What both of them can speak to, though, is the incredible 3D and CGI effects. "You have to know that at certain parts your hand is going to come out of the screen, or a lock of hair will swish in a certain way," he said. ("Especially Kit's hair," chimed in Bassett. "It's lovely.")

"Somebody once told me that because of CGI and practical effects... the spectacle is dead" when it comes to guys in monster costumes. But it's "exciting," he said. "I'm the kind of guy who wants his monsters standing in front of him on set," added Bassett, although he previously stated, "If you don't see it in 3D, you won't see the movie we made."

On that note, how about details on the exclusive clip they showed from 'Silent Hill: Revelation 3D'? A few monsters and characters from the first 'Silent Hill' were brought back, but there are still some new ones that'll scare the crap out of you, like the mannequin spider. If you broke down about 30 mannequins into their individual parts and hot glued them together, you'd be close to what this creature looks like. Clemens' character saves a random girl trapped in the monster's plastic wrap-made web and the two attempt to hide in between shelves while trying to make it to the exit.

This scene is just one of many that Clemens revealed is why she has to scream before every take. The rest of the panelists backed up that statement, saying the camera guys would have to take their headsets off for a few seconds while she got it out of her system. Clemens then demonstrated said scream at some of the attendees' request. Let me tell you... that's a pretty horror movie ready scream she's got.

Finishing off the panel was a short Q&A session with a few eager fans, and while most of them rambled on about "Metatron... arch angels... Halo of the Son..." and the like, a couple actually got Basset and Hadidan to talk about future projects with the 'Silent Hill' franchise and beyond. "I'd like to play in the 'Silent Hill' universe without [having to follow] the games," said Bassett, who also mentioned exploring the backstory behind the 'Silent Hill Downpour' game. "We can go anywhere," said Hadida, who also noted now they have the opportunity to do a 'Silent Hill 2' scenario. Then when it was suggested Bassett create a movie adaptation of 'Bioshock,' the director said, "Hell yeah, that'd be fantastic. I agree with everything you said." So... stay tuned.