With its release just around the corner, the maketing machine for 'Oblivion' is in full swing. After a soft start, the trailers have gotten increasingly interesting and two newly released TV spots are no different, selling a big, epic sci-fi action movie that looks genuinely mysterious and intriguing. Watch the spots below!

The first spot feels like a variation on the last trailer, setting up a ruined, post-apocalyptic world and establishing Tom Cruise as a sort of futuristic maintenance man, keeping an eye on things before getting pulled into some kind of crazy adventure involving Morgan Freeman (and chases and explosions). The second spot is the more surprising of the two, not only because it features of a shot of the Moon getting destroyed (!), but because it suggests that Freeman's mysterious (antagonistic?) character not only knows who Cruise's character is, but has big plans for him.

We've said it before and we'll say it again: the marketing for 'Oblivion' is proof of how to sell a blockbuster while keeping it mysterious, showing us enough to get us excited while holding back just enough so we don't know every plot beat when we enter the theater. It's a fine line and one that we wish 'Star Trek Into Darkness' was walking a little better.

'Oblivion' opens on April 19th. You can watch the spots under this sentence.

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