Is their a band better suited to score an epic science fiction movie like 'Oblivion' than M83? In addition to taking their name from a spiral galaxy, their electronic instrumentals sound exactly like something people would be listening to in the future. A sample track from the 'Oblivion' soundtrack has made its way online, letting both music and movie fans get a taste of what the movie's score will sound like.

The track is called "StarWaves" and it sounds like something that would be right at home in '80s science fiction films like 'Blade Runner.' It gets off to a slow and slightly creepy start, but the low synthesizers slowly begin to rise, climaxing in a sound that's majestic but also a little terrifying. It feels very much like a mood-setting piece of music and it sounds all too appropriate for a film that takes place on a doomed Earth.

This is the second time that Joseph Kosinski has had a popular band score one of his films instead of a traditional composer. Last time, that resulted in a 'Tron Legacy' soundtrack that was better than the film it represented. But hey, the worst case scenario is that we'll get a solid M83 album out of 'Oblivion.'

'Oblivion' opens on April 26th and the soundtrack arrives on April 19th.

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