This 'Oblivion' trailer is a good reminder not to get too wrapped up in all the sequels, reboots and superheroes this summer and forget that there's some really cool, original sci-fi coming your way. Sure, we're exciting for 'Iron Man 3' and 'Man of Steel' too but, hey, 'Oblivion' is starting to look really, really good. Check out this new 'Oblivion' trailer and see what we mean. [UPDATE: Also check out the brand new 'Oblivion' poster below!]

Directed by Joseph Kosinski ('Tron: Legacy') and starring Tom Cruise, 'Oblivion' is the last of a dying breed: the big-budget, original sci-fi film. And for anyone who complains that Hollywood is all out of ideas, you'll be happy to know that 'Oblivion' isn't based on a book or a TV series or an old movie. Here's what the film is about:

Jack Harper (Cruise) is one of the last few drone repairmen stationed on Earth. Part of a massive operation to extract vital resources after decades of war with a terrifying threat known as the Scavs, Jack’s mission is nearly complete. Living and patrolling the breathtaking skies from thousands of feet above, his soaring existence is brought crashing down when he rescues a beautiful stranger from a downed spacecraft. Her arrival triggers a chain of events that forces him to question everything he knows and puts the fate of humanity in his hands.

This new 'Oblivion' trailer really has us excited with our only complaint being that it may give too much away (but not knowing much about the plot, this could all be misdirection).

'Oblivion' hits theaters on April 26th right at the start of the summer movie season and we think this is one you're not going to want to miss. Check out the 'Oblivion' trailer below to see if you agree.

Oblivion poster