For as much as we love 'The Walking Dead,' we know not to get attached to too many characters, lest they be ripped screaming from the prison walls or even Woodbury. ABC's 'Once Upon A Time' introduces its fair share of new characters itself, but does its latest casting bode ill for 'The Walking Dead' star Sonequa Martin Green? Find out who the actress will play on 'Once Upon A Time' inside, and what it might mean for 'The Walking Dead!'

We only met Sonequa Martin-Green's 'The Walking Dead' character Sasha in mid-season finale "Made to Suffer," but we might not want to get too attached. According to TVLine, the actress has signed onto 'Once Upon A Time' in the mysterious role of "Tamara," a recurring part that could potentially last into season 3. Other details of the character are being kept under wraps for now, but she's said to be a "charming and likable woman who’s secretly highly ambitious and a fearless leader driven to get what she wants."

Martin-Green's 'Walking Dead' character Sasha, sister to Chad Coleman's Tyreese, represents an original creation for the AMC series, but if the comics are to be seen as any kind of guide, Tyreese's traveling companions didn't fare well upon arriving at the prison. Martin-Green has also appeared in 'The Good Wife,' and 'Army Wives.'

What say you? Do you think we'll be seeing another 'Walking Dead' death when the show returns in February with "The Suicide King?" Who might Sonequa Martin Green's mysterious 'Once Upon A Time' character Tamara be? Check out the latest 'Once' trailer, and give us your theories in the comments!

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