We hadn't paid BBC-A's clone-heavy 'Orphan Black' much mind in its first season, outside of the deserved critical praise of series star Tatiana Maslany, but having caught up, we're officially in the clone club! With season 2 set to premiere in April, we've got a first look at Sarah and Rachel's season 2 return, along with a new role for 'Suits' star Patrick J. Adams.

Via Deadline, admitted 'Orphan Black' fan Adams will take the role of Jesse on an unscheduled episode of the Canadian clone drama, a "brave but regular guy" who finds himself in hot water when the various clones infiltrate his life. It remains to be seen if the appearance will warrant additional episodes, though as we've seen, those brought into the clone club often have ulterior motives themselves.

Elsewhere, Entertainment Weekly scored a first look at the second season, with a photo that shows Sarah wastes little time in tracking now Neolution head and fellow clone Rachel, following the apparent kidnapping of her daughter Kira. As for Rachel's ongoing role, 'Orphan Black' co-creator Graeme Manson told EW:

We left a lot up in the air, so it’s been a lot of fun figuring out how and when and where those balls land and how they land in unexpected ways. As for Rachel, we did leave last season knowing that Rachel was a child of Neolution, therefore much connected to the origins of the experiment. So I think Rachel is going to help to open a window for us and we ’re going to begin to understand a lot more about the conspiracy.

'Orphan Black' season 2 will premiere on April 19, 2014, so check out the first photos and teasers below, and tell us in the comments if you'll tune in for Tatiana Maslany's latest!

Orphan Black Season 2 Photo Sarah Rachel
BBC America / EW

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