Orphan Black understandly had no new footage to bring to Comic-Con 2015, but that didn’t stop #CloneClub from putting a smile on fan faces. If you’ve ever wanted to see Tatiana Maslany wrangle a live scorpion down her blouse, or keeps the dance parties rolling, the Orphan Black Season 3 blooper reel is for you.

In addition to the blooper reel, the BBC-A released two other parody videos from the panel, including the Donnie-Alison soap opera, and horror-themed sequel riff “Seestra Sineestra.”

As to Orphan Black Season 4 itself, we know that the return of “Neolution” will bring about a resurgence of the clone series’ early body horror tropes, while the panel confirmed that Evelyne Brouchu’s Delphine is only “Orphan Black dead.” We’ll also see more of clone addition Krystal, get a bit more clarification on Kira’s mysterious abilities, and likely see a number of other character returns.

In the meantime, check out Orphan Black’s finest in the videos above and below, and stay tuned for the latest clone info on Season 4 in 2016.