The success of Orphan Black so often hinges on viewers forgetting there aren’t actually five or more of Tatiana Maslany, though it takes a fair bit of intricate VFX beyond Maslany’s Emmy-nominated work to bring the show to life. Go in-depth with the #CloneClub in a new Season 3 FX reel, charging everything from clones, to pencils, to dear-old Pupok.

The BBC-A have released Intelligent Creatures’ look behind the scenes at Orphan Black Season 3, which goes far beyond the plates required to place Alison, Sarah, Helena and Cosima at one dinner party, and even shows off some of the background work we might not otherwise have noticed. Lest we forget, there’s also underwear twerking, screwdrivers through the bicep, and much more gory additions.

As to Orphan Black Season 4, we know that the return of “Neolution” will bring about a resurgence of the clone series’ early body horror tropes, while a recent panel confirmed that Evelyne Brouchu’s Delphine is only “Orphan Black dead.” We’ll also see more of clone addition Krystal, get a bit more clarification on Kira’s mysterious abilities, and likely see a number of other character returns.

In addition to the bloopers below, check out Orphan Black Season 3's FX reel above, and saddle up for the long road to Season 4 in 2016.