Orphan Black Season 4 is only one week in our future, but the first four minutes will take us straight to the past. Two familiar faces return as a new clone leads the charge in Orphan Black Season 4's first premiere clip!

Our first four-minute sneak peek of the new season takes us into the woods, as the mysterious “MK” clone investigates a body being buried by some sinister-seeming strangers. The sheep-masked clone calls in the news, bringing back a face near-and-dear to Orphan Black fans, and opening up a mystery that dates back to Season 1.

In the meantime, so reads the April 14 premiere’s synopsis:

After two months of respite, Sarah’s hard-won refuge in Iceland is shattered by a Neolution attack. Once again forced to flee, she realizes no matter how far her family runs it will never be far enough.

While we wait, check out the latest trailers and photos below, and prepare yourself for the Orphan Black Season 4 premiere on April 14, which will be followed by the new After the Black talk show.