That’s the great thing about clones. No matter how many we meet, you know you’ve never really seen the last of them. Hence, no matter what happens to Sarah, Allison, Cosima, Helena, Rachel or the rest, Orphan Black will officially return for Season 4 in 2016.

BBC-A made the announcement only three episodes into the current run, confirming that Orphan Black will return for another batch of 10 episodes next year. Although always somewhat struggling for first-run viewers, Orphan Black certainly has come a long way from the constant threat of cancellation, and the recent Critics’ Choice nomination would concur.

Says the BBC-A of the renewal:

‘Orphan Black’ is an entirely fresh and original show that stands out even in today’s crowded TV landscape. Tatiana Maslany‘s buzzy, virtuoso performance headlines a brilliant cast and we are delighted to let our vocal and passionate fan base know that this wildly entertaining ride will continue next year.

Adds co-creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson

We’re thrilled to be moving forward with season four of the Orphan Black saga. Huge thanks to our partners Temple Street Productions, and to BBC AMERICA and Space. We’re extremely excited about where our story lines are going, and look forward to riding the rollercoaster with our amazing fans #CloneClub.

In addition to the presence of Ari Millen’s male Castor clone, Orphan Black Season 3 has added to the ranks Shameless star Justin Chatwin as Allison’s high school flame Jason Kellerman, while True Blood vamp James Frain plays a deadly threat to the girls as “cleaner” Ferdinand. Additionally, Black Swan star Ksenia Solo will portray Cosima’s healer friend Shay, joining Warehouse 13 alum Kyra Harper as the military’s Dr. Coady, and Earl Pastko as Ferdinand’s bodyguard “Bulldog.”

Orphan Black will continue its third season this Saturday, but what might the #CloneClub get up to in Season 4?