Few were surprised to see Orphan Black closing up shop after a proposed fifth season, though star Tatiana Maslany‘’s deserved Emmy win perhaps complicated feelings of saying goodbye. In any case, the cast is all smiles as the fifth and final season kicks off production, sharing the first photos.

Ahead of an unstated 2017 premiere, cast and crew of Orphan Black Season 5 assembled in recent days for a first table-read, as well as early photos of production. As you might expect, there isn’t very much in the way of plot details to gleam (Helena will lurk behind Donnie!), but the shots are nonetheless bittersweet:

And that’s action on season 5 🎬 #orphanblack #cloneclub #season5

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The BBC-A first confirmed Orphan Black would make Season 5 the last in June, clocking in at 10 episodes. Co-creator Graeme Manson has previously spoken to the potential for a spinoff, or perhaps even a movie, though not before cast and crew have had some time to recuperate from the five-year series. Even then, Maslany’s could rise beyond in the meantime.

We won’t know just yet when the final Orphan Black season will premiere, but get to wild speculatin’ in the meantime.

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