Imagine what it must be like to make a movie. You pour your heart, soul, and several years of your life into it. It gets nice reviews, makes a little money. People tell you you’re an Oscar contender. Then people tell you you’re a major Oscar contender. Then you wake one day and watch the Oscar nominations live and they don’t call your name. And then you have to pretend that you’re not hugely emotionally devastated because everyone expects you to be a good sport and a gracious loser and to smile and applaud for your colleagues.

This is not a “gracious loser” sort of video. It shows Ruben Ostlund, director of the Swedish film ‘Force Majeure’—a favorite here at ScreenCrush and supposedly a serious contender for this year’s Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film—watching (along with producer Erik Hemmendorff) the live announcement of the 2015 Oscar nominations. He’s captured the exact moment he finds out he didn’t get nominated—and the intense reaction that follows.

Is Ostlund’s freakout legit or staged for comedic effect? (And a sly reference to ‘Force Majeure,’ which also contains a key scene in which a man breaks down into a fit of hysterical crying?) We asked around and spoke with a source who’d worked on the film, and they believe the video is a prank (Indiewire’s source says it’s a joke too.) But even if the extremity of Ostlund’s reaction is a put-on, I suspect there’s still a kernel of truth behind it, for him and for many other snubbed filmmakers. Don’t bury that hurt, guys. Let it out.

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