Christian Bale might be done as Batman, but that doesn't mean he's done seeking vengeance for a family member against a crime syndicate in a corrupt town. It's not 'The Dark Knight' but it's 'Out of the Furnace' and it could win Bale another Oscar. Don't believe us? Watch the trailer and see for yourself.

Co-starring Casey Affleck, Woody Harrelson, Zoe Saldana and Forrest Whitaker, 'Out of the Furnace' goes as follows:

Russell Baze (Christian Bale) works a dead-end job at the local steel mill, as his terminally ill father did before him. When Russell's brother Rodney (Casey Affleck) returns home from serving time in Iraq, he gets lured into one of the most ruthless crime rings in the Northeast and mysteriously disappears. The police fail to crack the case, so - with nothing left to lose - Russell takes matters into his own hands, putting his life on the line to seek justice for his brother.

When Christian Bale is the most understated part of your movie trailer, you know there's some serious scenery chewing going on. Such is the case in this trailer as Casey Affleck screams in people's faces and Woody Harrelson does his best...Woody Harrelson. Even Willem Dafoe is snarling at the camera.

We'll admit to not being very fond of this trailer - maybe it's the subpar cover of Neil Young's "Heart of Gold" - but we've heard very good things about this movie and it certainly looks like the kind of film that could have multiple acting nominations when Oscar time roles around. (Scott Cooper directed Jeff Bridges to an Oscar win in his last film, 'Crazy Heart.') And, maybe it's that hard sell on the Oscary-ness of this movie that's a put off.

'Out of the Furnace' opens everywhere nationwide on December 6.