There's something weird about this 'Paddington' trailer, right? Not the change in Paddington's voice from Colin Firth to Ben Whishaw, but like, Paddington is kind of an aggressive and obnoxious bear -- not like the pleasant little bear who unwittingly gets into trouble in the books we remember from our childhood. But these days what kid wants to watch a movie about an animated bear that's the equivalent to kiddie tea and snuggles and Ambien?

So here's the new trailer for 'Paddington,' which swaps out Colin Firth's voice with the new voice of Ben Whishaw, which isn't all that different, and is a bit more youthful. Can you imagine Colin Firth roaring at a dinner table in such an obnoxious fashion? Yeah, no way.

The film follows Paddington the Peruvian bear, who moves off to London in search of the thrills of city life. There, he's overwhelmed until he's adopted by the kindly Brown family, but he still finds there's lots to be afraid of in the big city when an evil taxidermist tries to capture him. That evil taxidermist is played by Nicole Kidman, who is straight-up terrifying in this trailer, what with all her talk about stuffing Paddington the bear. Gotta give the film credit for not pulling any punches with the kids, we guess.

Anyway! The film also stars Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, and Julie Walters, and hits theaters on January 16, 2015.

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