One of the things you should automatically expect from a Disney animated movie is the short film preceding the feature presentation. With 'Brave' we got 'La Luna' and now, for 'Wreck-It Ralph,' we give you 'Paperman.'

'Paperman' is the new short film directed by John Kahrs. But what makes this short film different from previous ones? The fact that this merges hand-drawn and computer-generated animation. This probably means that even though the characters do look like they were drawn by hand they'll also have the movement likeness of a computer animated movie. This is something we definitely have to see.

The story is simple enough: A lonely young man who lives in New York City comes across what could possibly be the girl of his dreams on his morning commute. When he believes that he's lost her, he discovers his dream girl once again and tries everything in his power to get her to look his way.

Just the look of the first three pictures alone should get any Disney fan excited. The main characters have so much of the stylized Disney look to their physique that it's hard not to pick up a pencil and try to recreate that yourself. Be sure to watch 'Wreck-It Ralph' when it opens in movie theaters on November 2nd so you can get a glimpse at this majestic-looking short film.